Famous for our Bourgeois Beef Jerky, we are an old-fashioned Cajun meat market specializing in fresh cuts of meat as well as beef jerky, boudin, hogshead cheese, turkey cheese, and many other Cajun products. Explore ivonnereedy's board "Deer processing" on Pinterest. -Ken, Florence, & The Kasper Family I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of deer meat. 30 /lb. The Eden Meat Market accepts more than deer for processing. 5 options for processing deer and elk meat Jerky. * * Unprocessed Weight  Kip's Deer Processing is a family-run business in operation for 36 years and still takes pride in processing your deer the traditional way "One Deer at a Time". Follow step by step instructions and learn to process game like a pro with our advanced wild game processing DVDs. Summer   Our jerky and beef stick are a sought after treat! The Smokehouse Keeping with tradition, we offer custom butchering and deer processing. We are a local meat market that provides one of a kind artisan products, especially jerky! Dutch Neck Deer Butchering, Delaware's premier deer butcher shop, has provided quality, clean, friendly, and fast deer butchering and processing for more than 15 years to hunter in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. 00 /lb. Offering a wide variety of snack sticks, jerky, fresh & smoked sausage. We offer regular sliced jerky. Hunting is full of tradition. For many hunters, that tradition is part of their family and identity . So once you have the deer meat chosen, you’ll need to finish the processing steps. We offer complete processing from skinning, butchering and packaging to sausage / jerky. Butchering Deer – How To Butcher A Deer At Home Whitetail deer hunting produces outstanding memories in the field and it also provides excellent meat for our families to eat. processing buffalo Shop Wild West Jerky #1 Best Premium 100% Natural Grass Fed Hand Stripped 2 OZ. 00/lb. Great Price! How is deer done right?? Butcher near West Milford? Bringhurst to End Deer Processing; NJ Bear Butchers M aking jerky treats for your dog at home might be easier than you may think. Note: Please do not transport deer meat in garbage bags as they are sometimes treated to reduce odor. See more ideas about Deer meat, Venison recipes and Deer recipes. 50/lb Sticks (beef or pork can be added for additional charge) 15 lbs deer, $52. 2018 - 2019 Season Available at all three Granzin's locations. Deer hunters, sausage making enthusiasts, and others who enjoy making sausage or jerky. Our customers rave about our Jalapeno and Cheese Summer sausage. Deer processing cost varies from places to places. , a butcher by trade, began processing a few deer each season for friends and neighbors in his garage on Fish Lake Road in Lapeer. We may be a tiny town but we have big flavor and I drove from Davenport to pick up a Ham was very good and the jerky was some of the best we have ever had not to peppery and texture was nice, the beef sticks were great better than some we have picked up in Wisc. In fact, we offer everything from custom cuts to jerky, sausages, and more. Whole Muscle Jerky. Mount Cape. batch per item! We specialize in custom made deer/venison summer sausage, deer/venison jerky / slim jims, deer/venison pan sausage (seasoned lightly for breakfast patties) & deer/venison burger (unseasoned), all from your own boneless wild game meat. is located deep in the heart of Texas in the small farming community of Miles, Texas. The smokehouse caught fire and burnt most of the shop. Jerky (whole muscle) $6. your jerky is sliced. Page Summary: Johnstown Meat Co. John’s Elgin Market is a wild game meat market online store and retail deer processing center that has been providing quality meats since 1880. The special meats such as bologna and sausage and jerky is delicious and can be done in a variety of flavors Herring Brothers Meats offers a wide variety of Maine beef and pork products along with a growing number of specialty cooked, smoked and marinated meats. goat and mutton or lamb and game animals such as deer, kudu, springbok, kangaroo, and  Deer Processing. Basic Processing $90. All sausage prices include pork or beef, seasoning, and vacuum packaging, with the exception of the jerky, which has no pork or beef added. Produced by award-winning expert, Love of the Hunt TV Host and past president of Pennsylvania Association of Meat Processors, Brad Lockwood. They know how to prepare and make you keep coming back for more. You’ll also be happy to know that we accept properly field dress carcasses for processing and sausage making. By starting with basic processing and adding items to our "specialty menu" each year, we are pleased to offer you 56 custom made venison product choices. Glenn's does not cut and bone your deer but we will make sausage products for you! Grinding venison is a special case. You are here The Country Butcher specializes in Custom Venison Processing. print out and keep in your vehicle so you can fill it out before you drop. Want to learn how to process hard-earned venison yourself? Check out Academy Sports + Outdoors' must-have tools and gear for making deer meat processing an easy-to-accomplish task! Years ago, in the infancy of my deer hunting career, a successful visit to deer camp meant a subsequent visit to the Deer Processing / Price List. Stop in today or call with any questions! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. If not, watch the video below this article of how to Weaver Meat Processing. We carry many Michigan made products including jams, honey, sauces and wines. The quality of product we can provide for you is most important. 05 each Deer Jerky (Mild or Bold) . We specialize in wild game processing as well of Deer, Elk, Bear, and more. Jerky. We also skin, cut, wrap, grind, and freeze your deer. We accept both whole deer to skin and boneless or quartered deer meat for processing. For your convenience, Steve's Meat Market is open seasonally, late August to the end of January. com Call 937-207-7008 to make arrangements Pressed Jerky A great way to enjoy Jerky! This is a restructured product ground and pressed. Rolled Roast Beef Sticks (Hot, Mild, Teriyaki all available with Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese) Beef Jerky We've been procssing deer since 1968. 85 cents per lb. Boning a deer is neither impossible nor particularly difficult. 40/lb. —can be trimmed away for the grinder or for jerky. Jackson Brothers Meat Locker in Post and Lubbock is a deli serving beef jerky, German sausage and other seasonal meats. Located in Llano, Texas, also known as the Deer Capital of Texas, we stay busy during deer season. 0300 Email : DjsMeats1010@gmail Deer Processing. Click here to add text. Grab your soy sauce, your liquid smoke, your flank steak, venison steaks, and onion powder because the fun's about to start. 00 Skinned & Washed $50. never frozen 80% lean pork (with the exception of jerky which has no added pork), grand  20 Aug 2018 Far too many folks think that making beef, deer or any other type of wild game jerky is a complicated and time-consuming process. off you harvested animal. Summer Sausage 2lb Stick Jerky Per Pound Dry Weight. Hams. With over 130 years experience, John’s Elgin Market is a leader in wild game meats including venison, boar, elk, bison, alligator, and more. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Meat Processing in KY. Whether you like it hot or not, we've got it! Sklenarik's Smoked Meats, Inc. We cut one deer at a time: steaks, chops, roasts, burgers…all from your deer. It takes 2. Riverside Iowa. The deer burgers are one of a kind and the seasoning is spot on. Full deer processing is done at Rives Quality  Designed for making jerky, snackin' sticks and sausage the right way - for the beginner and Ultimate Jerky Board & Knife . We are located in Westby, close to La Crosse, Viroqua as well as Cashton. If you have a deer after hours, call 1. pork) $ 2. Beck's Meat Processing We make your homemade venison products with the same quality as the items in the retail store, so you get the same great sausage. Venison jerky sausage, smoked hinds,  Turasky meats YT packing Co-packing meat snack sticks beef jerky private IL we are a USDA inspected facility that serves processed meats throughout the  We process hundreds of deer annually and our customers know they'll get only the JERKY. We are open year round and DO NOT shut down for deer season. Refrigeration is required. Lodi Sausage & Meat Market in Sauk County specializing in venison & deer processing, summer sausage, beef sticks & jerky, just minutes north of Madison, WI. For All Your Sausage Processing Meat Questions Including Pricing please view the menu below. , we have all the meat processing equipment and supplies you need. Davis Meat Processing is a small family owned business producing quality products consumers want. Whole Muscle Jerky- Old West Style (10# minimum starting weight- due to weight and processing demands, made in batches combining multiple venison orders) $3. Southern IL Deer Processing Headquarters. We charge $50 for a whole hog or whitetail deer (deboning mule deer, large hogs & exotics $70 & up). 00 Jerky. Ring Bologna – $5. Deer Processing Fees for the 2019-20 Season Standard Processing White Tail (Steaks, HB, Chili or Stew) Hide on or Whole Skinned Carcass $75 Quartered $16. We process several hundred deer every season and make several thousand pounds of various sausages every year. it there but you really do need to avoid it getting dry during the cooking process. From bow season through shotgun season, we work hard for you. Made with premium deer meat, our Venison Jerky is a classic recipe and provides the benefits of being a wild game meat. More tips for processing game meat. 2018 - 2019 Season Partial Deer (Hams, Shoulders, Ribs and Neck). Kip's Deer Processing is a family-run business in operation for 36 years and still takes pride in processing your deer the traditional way "One Deer at a Time". 00 The official homepage of G & B & Sons Deer Processing. 00 Cut, ground, & frozen (Steaks & chops vacuum packed) $25. People drive from miles away to bring us their wild game for processing. Hartselle, AL 35640. Deer/Elk Processing now available, drop off your wild game field dressed and skinned and we will do the rest. 260th St Plattsburg, MO 64477 816-930-2375 816-592-0044 (cell) The Jalapeno & Cheddar log and the Pepper Stick are both big sellers with our customers - be sure to add them to your order! Standard Fee* : Yearling $100 - Doe $125 - Buck $125 - Large Buck $145 *Additional Processing Summer Sausage $3. While Deer/Venison remains our prime meat in the processing plant with 700 - 800 deer annually, we also receive other exotic animals for processing. Enjoy Hoffman's hotdogs in Original or Cheese! Deer Jerky - Try the best jerky around. It takes 1 lb. Jerky GIFT Pack, contain Four Randon assorted 4 oz. 00 Caping A $5-10 charge may be added for extra cleaning smith's deer processing deer jerky. Quality Deer is a service mark of Quality Deer Processing. We offer the availability to cut and wrap elk, venison/deer, antelope, buffalo, bobcat, bear, wild boar and a variety of other choice wild game. You likely won't see big differences in meat yields until you can compare a mature buck with the rest of the meat-pole crowd. The process of drying  13 Feb 2019 This spicy (or not) recipe has a fantastic original jerky flavor that Submerging the meat in water will speed up the thawing process immensely. Your first task is to make sure the deer is properly field dressed and cleaned before you leave the kill site. Processing Guides Below you will find links to our processing guides for beef, pork, and lamb, and deer. Standard Processing Fees Addax $200 Antelope $105 Aoudad $250 Blackbuck $105 Blesbok $105 Bongo $500 Buffalo $500 Deer Axis Buck $125 Deer Axis Doe $105 Deer Jerky & meat pressing equipment at PHG: Pleasant Hill Grain means quality. We begin  Our jerky and beef stick are a sought after treat! The Smokehouse Keeping with tradition, we offer custom butchering and deer processing. Processing (Including skinning) Processing fee if Deer is All Sausage. Central Illinois deer processing since 1949, smoking and curing you deer products to make our famous snack sticks and jerky Deer Processing. With ovens, the common recommendation is to leave the door slightly propped open. We can skin and cut whole deer, cut deer that have already been skinned, or we accept quarters. Give it a try you will be happy you did. Welcome to Stancill's Wild Game Processing website. You can bring meat in or pick up your venison order during any regular business We are a family owned and operated business in Salem Township with 100+ years of combined experience in processing deer and wild game. The shop was then rebuilt with a bigger cooler and more processing space. Here are my top 5 picks for this tool. Prepare yourself, after making and sharing these jerky recipes with your friends, you will become the most popular person on your block! Trumbull Locker Plant is family owned and operated and located in Ashtabula County, Ohio, Trumbull Township, just 10 minutes south of Interstate 90 on State Route 534. We will skin and process the meat, then it will be distributed to food Welcome to Klein's Meats Since 1978, Klein’s Meats has been the Central Texas destination for high-quality game processing with personal, friendly service. . We are a fully licensed DNR deer processing facility in Georgia. Deer Charts Get the carcass hung somewhere cool the day you kill the deer (40°F or less. We offer the cleanest game processing possible. We can make any of those same items from your antelope, elk, moose, buffalo, or bear meat. Alewel's has been making Venison products for our customers for over 50 years and are Peppers; Deer Franks; Cheese Brats; Breakfast Sausage; Flat Jerky ( Ground & Form). One of the most popular is our Wicked Good Beef Jerky, which has been shipped all over the United States and also overseas to our troops. "The Deer You Tag is The Deer We Bag" Official Check-In Station . CLAY'S DEER PROCESSING. We provide you 7 easy steps to explain how to make deer jerky. Jerky – 5 lbs. Processing. Processing your own jerky with deer, chicken, beef or other meat ensures that you are serving quality meat and eliminates the need for preservatives. The meat is vacuum sealed and cut to how you want it. com Instagram: www. Basically, all methods are low temperature. The key to smoking deer jerky is trying to keep a low temperature of 140-160 degrees which is a similar temperature that you will use when putting it on the dehydrator. com Call 937-207-7008 to make arrangements Family Owned and Operated Deer Processing Over 30 years as a butcher and meat processor Open Bow, Muzzleloader and Gun Season (September - February) Phone: 937-207-7008 Email: JohnsJerky2011@yahoo. Whole animals purchased from Burks Farm must have a deposit at least 1 week in advance. In 2000, on a cold December day just before Christmas, the only thing working was the smokehouse, which was kept busy with some deer snack sticks that were still being smoked after deer season. Whether the wildlife you hunt is common or a little more exotic, we will process and package it for consumption according to your preferences. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service. Elk, Moose, Bear, Caribou, Wild Turkey, Pheasant, Geese, Salmon and other exotic game meats are processed at our facility on a regular basis. Rest assured that quality is our top priority in processing your wild game! We have always and will always cut all whole deer in a separate area with separate equipment. Invention of this meat processing technology is attributed to Native Americans who smoke-dried meat to preserve it. Deer and other wild game brought to Burks Farm for processing must be field dressed in advance. Learn how to make homemade meat snacks like snack sticks, jerky, summer sausage, hams, bacon, and more! Read tips, tricks, meat hacks, and get feedback directly from the experts at Walton's. custom processing: • Smoked sausage • Salami • Jerky • Snack sticks • Italian sausage • Dried ring & pan sausage • Cured & smoked back strap • Bacon wrapped burgers • Hamburger patties • Bacon wrapped fillets • Jalapeno roll ups • Seasoned fajitas & more This is the site for jerky, true Texas beef jerky. Dozens of Beef Jerky and Deer Jerky recipes that are easy to make and taste great! Below you will find Beef, Pork, Game, & Fish jerky recipes with step by step instructions on how to make them. Deer Recipes Deer Recipes 2 Wild Game Recipes Venison Marinades Our Deer Processing Prices Ask The Meatmans Favorite Meat Links. Here at Warrington Farms we will process your boneless venison all year long. Deer not picked up will be subject to a storage fee. 00 (green weight) Snack Sticks (Jalapeno & Cheese) $5. 75 (green weight) Snack Sticks (Slim Jims) $4. The basic cut consists of Round Steaks or Rump Roast, Butterfly chops, or whole back straps, Tip Steaks or Tip roast, and Ground burger in 1 or 2 lb packages and the inner tenderloin. When the hunting is done and it's time to eat, this meat processing equipment is here to help ensure a great meal. processing from skinning, butchering and packaging to sausage / jerky. of deer sausage Made 212 Lbs. There is no charge on processing just the per pound pricing Welcome To Uncle Henry’s Gourmet Meats! Family owned & operated. Skin, debone, cut, grind and vacuum seal for $85. Cherry Flats Processing is wonderful. Wild Game Processing. 3 Saint John's Drive Carnegie, PA   Glenns Market provides the best in meat processing, deer processing, beef jerky, deer meat, venison sausage, deer meat, beef sticks, venison steaks for  Choose from our custom cuts and packaging options for the deer you hunted. Families from all over bond over deer sticks and jerky that is processed at our facility. We also create handmade jerky and summer sausages. This assists in air flow, which is the whole point of drying meat for jerky. We can make a 10 lb batch or turn your whole deer into Jerky! There are 5 flavors: Original, Teriyaki, Hot & Spicy, Cajun, and BBQ. 00 if we keep the hide. $5. Alewel's Country Meats has been providing quality meats since 1932. At BEST Deer Processing, we use all that experience to create the best-tasting and most extensive line of cuts, sausages and processed deer products available in the region. We are premium deer processors, specializing in a variety of venison products. Creating deer jerky with the venison sitting in your freezer is the next best thing meat that's been previously frozen since the freezing process helps eliminate  $25. 4. We specialize in the full service skinning, cutting, processing, vacuum sealing, and freezing of your wild game. Dehydration is a significant step in the processing of deer jerky. This hunting SLICED FOR JERKY. During the 2012 Deer Season: We processed 412 deer; Made 9750 Lbs. Snack Sticks. Your excellent catch will have to be cleaned and ready to cut before it reaches our doors, but we figure we can do   Award Winning Smoked Venison Products. smockknives. If you’re aging your deer, let it hang at 40°F or less for 2-3 days. One of the top deer processors in Michigan! While fresh beef is usually rapidly chilled, deer carcasses are typically held at ambient temperatures, potentially allowing bacteria multiplication. 00 cut and wrapped  Have your game ground into burger or fresh sausage, or processed into ready-to- eat foods such as bologna, jerky, snack sticks, chili and more. More products at Bud's Custom Meats Inc. 00 Deer Processing $2. Please keep in mind that all deer When you bring your elk into Ted Baker you will experience the best local wild game meat processing. New Braunfels. If you get a deer after 4pm please keep it cold with ice bags until morning . There is no charge on processing just the per pound pricing above. Deer Jerky. 4-Step Deer Butchering: The Path to Amazing Venison etc. At Glier's BEST Deer Processing, we have been making sausage daily for over sixty years, and for over twenty we have been offering the best deer processing available in the region. We offer a wide variety of products, see our processing page for details. Website By Rocket Town Media. I had never actually been to the locker itself, others had always given me small packages to try. Jerky – $6. bbq $13. Our exceptionally clean facility allows us to maintain our consistent, quality custom processing. We will accept boneless deer only. With over 30 years in the business you can be confident your deer, elk, antelope, wild hog or exotic animal will be processed with care in our clean and modern facility. For Deer Processing call our neighbors and deer processing partners for the last 35 years at Thomas processing 810-658-5369 Price is 75. Deer Processing We offer standard processing, as well as specialty sausages and jerky seasoned and hickory smoked for an additional cost. The exceptions to this rule are sausages, snack sticks, and chip steak; we make those products in combined batches so that we may offer a greater variety of sausage flavors, and keep production costs down. Burger is double ground and we recommend adding 10% beef or pork suet for flavor and consistency. We strive to service your processing needs any way possible. BONNING ALL JERKY… BONE ALL + ¼ DEER… A Guide to Having Your Deer Processed and cheese summer sausage, but having your entire deer put into sausage or jerky can run you an arm an a leg. Is your ranch or lease overrun by feral hogs? Ever taken an elk from New Mexico or Colorado, an antelope from the Panhandle, a turkey from the Rio Grande Valley? No matter what you hunt, from exotics to fish and fowl, Kuby’s Wild Game Processing will use your game to make the same great products you have come to expect from the Kuby family. And we’re hunters too, so we’d love to hear your hunting stories. Deer Jerky Sweet Honey. Page Summary: Westby Locker and Meats offers deer processors, deer processing, game processing and processing venison. Deer and Wild Game Processing. The two types of sausage I had are to die for. You are guaranteed  Wisconsin River Meats offers venison roast, smoked venison, venison butchering , ground venison, venison steaks, venison processing and more for Baraboo,  Lodi Sausage specializes in venison processing, deer jerky, venison jerky and deer sausage in Lodi. You'll be glad you did! Welcome to Woods Smoked Meats, Inc. We are a USDA Inspected & HACCP Approved meat processing facility. DEER HUNTERS PLEASE CALL FOR DROP-OFF HOURS 610-756-6344 Dietrich’s will custom smoke and cure all of your Hams, Bacons, Pork Loins and Dry Beefs. of Jerky. Joe Musacchio’s Cinnamon Creek Wild Game Processing (formally Syracuse Custom Meats) is one of the largest wild game processing facilities in the country. Deer Processing. We also do deer and elk processing with a full range of specialty products. Processing wild game orders separate since 1981. WILD GAME PRICING. We're open 7 days a week major hunting seasons. of deer jerky Seasonally, Ebels offers wild game processing for fresh cuts and also a wide variety of specialty smoked meats made for customers from their meat; such as deer, elk, or bear. Below is our detailed price list and this should help you get exactly what you want. Have your game ground into burger or fresh sausage, or processed into ready-to- eat foods such as bologna, jerky, snack sticks, chili and more. Plenty fine to make jerky, but any hotter than that and it would be difficult because it could overcook the jerky on the outside while leaving undone pockets on this inside. No whole carcasses due to time and space limitations. We handle each order separately and process in small batches with professionalism and care. We’re also a deer processor and drop point for Hunters for the Hungry. Sausage and smoked items are made in bulk. But I sure do love a good jerky! Deer jerky is a great way to use up extra deer meat, or to preserve meat that just won’t fit in an already-full freezer. Description. Our Dad sold everything he had to open the doors of his very own meat market in 1981. Meat cutting, processing, packing supplies including equipment, cutlery, venison sausage and jerky seasonings, cures, casings, ground meat Patties (20lb min. 00 lb. game PROCESSING. With over 120 years experience, John’s Elgin Market is a leader in wild game meats including venison, boar, elk, bison, ostrich, alligator, and more. Deer drop-off and pick-up is only available at our Portland location. The best place for Fresh Hickory Smoked Meats, Smokies, Deer Processing and Pig Processing, Ground Meats and much more. Drop off your deer any time during the regular season! Come to our deer check in shed where a video tutorial will guide you as you use our iPad to place your order. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Meat Processing in Wilkes Barre, PA. We use the same recipes as our retail product line so you get the same high quality in your products. Popular items include deer summer-sausage, deer bacon, deer jerky, & bratwursts. Custom Deer & wild game Processing, specializing in sausage, kelbasia, snack sticks, ground meat, and much more. This flavorful collection of snackable meats is packed with protein; made only from high quality $100. $10. Killian’s has been processing deer since 2002 and takes great pride in the product we turn out. Please make yourselves at home on our site. We can customize your products with spice, cheese, pork, or beef, whatever we can do to make it how you want it. We look forward to seeing our hunter customers every season. Including; skinning, cutting, processing, and freezing. The fresh meat is processed and placed in the freezer. Start Shopping Now How much does deer processing cost? On average, processing the deer itself is going to cost anywhere from $65 to $165, and this will not include processing it into premium cuts such as a hamburger, jerky or sausage. Make it all right from the convenience of your home knowing that whatever you need, we've got the products to help. Deer Meat Processing in Wilkes Barre on YP. Brats 12lb Batches $42. for sausage making. The Rackettown Wildlife Club is a membership only, full service deer processing facility that has been in business since 1985. One of the top deer  18 Jun 2019 The best part is enjoying amazing Deer jerky with your prized meat. Meat treated in this way has a long shelf life and a unique flavor. We thoroughly wash all carcasses before cutting, as well as wrap your cuts to ensure freshness. Jerky is, simply put, spiced-up, dried meat. 5 lbs - pay for 10 lbs Jerky - 10 lbs ordered - shrink of 60% - Loss of 6 lbs - pay for 10 lbs basic whole deer processing prices shown below, get your own meat back from your deer- bone your deer out and bring us the boneless trim jerky mild whole muscle The package is ready for use by the weekend butcher. 65/lb JERKY KITS AVAILABLE All prices are per pound of meat, before processing into specialty meats except breakfast sausage, which price is for take home weight. 00. 292. Making the best homemade jerky is a super simple process that doesn't take a lot of effort. ***Our refrigerated self-serve deer drop off is always open. Campbell's Custom Deer Processing proudly serves the Southeast and beyond! What began as a part time hobby for owner, Tom Campbell, has grown into a full time passion. Venison is a local tradition in the Ashley, IL area and throughout Washington County. Click to learn more. How long before my deer will be ready? A. Our traditional, real hickory wood-fired smokehouse gives our smoked products a distinct flavor that we are known for. **Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been detected in several states in elk and deer. I look forward to bringing many customers there from Triple Forks Hunting for years to come. We have the best Jerky and Smoked Meats that Texas has to offer. Turn your spare deer meat into this easy Sweet and Spicy Venison Jerky Recipe. 00 off any shoulder mount or European mount!! So you get $175. Stop in and enjoy  Junior's Smokehouse tags your meat throughout the processing steps to ensure you receive your own processed meat. I always rinse the meat and make sure that there is no lingering hair or excess blood. 2098 Highway 55 W. 00 cut and wrapped how you want it. Call 319-668-9805. Deer Hunters: Check out our latest menu of premium fresh and smoked items with the best quality in Colleton County. We begin  Wildlife Creations has teamed up with C & C Processing to now offer deer procesing starting October 9, 2009. We take deer carcasses from Wisconsin hunters and turn them into vacuum sealed venison steaks, sausages, jerky, and other delicious venison treats. 50 per pack. Deer Quarters; Custom Grinds; Custom Processing - Cut, Skin, Wrap, Freeze, Boning, and Shoulder Mount . 1 is ain-depth, step-by-step processing video the covers field dressing, caping, aging, quartering, de-boning, identifying primary muscles, grinding, and packaging. for your whole deer processing or just the trimmings. We take great care in processing venison. *Backstraps* Jerky (Fresh Weight). 00 sausage making (30 lb. Weaver Meat Processing is a family-owned business based in Hartselle, Alabama. Meat is our middle name. Choose from grinders and dehydrators and other meat and deer processing tools to help get the meat to the proper state for food preparation, and look through our selection of meat processing accessories to get the most out of your equipment. I started with a roast (cut out of the hind quarter of the deer). Why use meat processing products to process your own meat? Are you sick of paying sky high prices for mass-produced sausages, jerky, and other meat products that are lacking in real flavor, are full of additives and preservatives, and are made with undesirable animal parts? FAQ Deer Our Own "Deer Processing" DVD Deer Sausage Seasoning Deer Sausage Casings How to make Deer Jerky How To Make Deer Sausage [Our Deer Sausage Recipe] Cooking Venison Tips. it will cost. Breakfast Sausage 12lb Batches $25. 2176. In fact, we take fresh deer and provide custom cuts, jerky, sausages, and more. Membership is free but applicants must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid Georgia hunting license to join and use the facility. Sundays 11 am-2pm. Deer's Food Locker Inc. Snack Stix – $5. Bacon,Sausage,Jerky, Brisket, Artisan Foods, BBQ, Smoked Meats, Deer Sausage Processecing. FREE Estimates, EPA-approved, beef sticks, 4,300 square facility. Those in the Marion, IL area know to contact us for deer processing and other meat processing. We pride ourselves in great customer service, quality meat processing techniques and treating people the way we would want to be treated. Products and Services such as deer meat processing, venison processing as well as deer processing fees are also part of the scope of our business. Ted Baker Meat Processing will take care of your wild game or domestic meat processing. 75/lb Making Deer Jerky. 00 worth of processing and Taxidermy IF you can eat 8oz of our EXTREME HOT JERKY!!! Jerky 5lb Green Weight $30. Jerky (Fresh Weight) $5. Good luck!! Current Pricing effective 09-21-2019 PROCESSING CHARGES FOR WILD GAME *****Payment for processing is due at time of drop off. This is how I process my deer. Roll of sausage. Grundhofer’s Old-Fashion Meats has extended hours during deer season. for $75. 50 (per pound) Whole Muscle Jerky $4. 50 (green weight) ***All sausages will have pork added, be vacuum packed, and 3 lb weights are Satisfy your CARNIVOROUS CRAVINGS with a great selection of locally made jerky and snack sticks. 00/lb (Raw weight; 65% cooking loss) Tenderized Cube Steaks – $5 flat rate to tenderize/cube all of your steaks. We are located near Sauk City. From chipsteak to jerky Deer Processing near Zone 19, 23, 25, 26; Deer Processing Atco Area; Deer Processing in South Jersey! Butcher near Six Flags; Dunham's Deer Cut & Wrap; New Butcher In Hunterdon County Zone 10. Safe and Secure ! Click image below for our Deer Processing . Further Processing We provide the best products and services including Meat Processing Books & Videos, Meat Processing Books, Meat Processing Videos, Deer Processing Video, Sausage Making Curing Smoking Meats With Rytek Kutas, DO-IT-YOURSELF GUIDE TO SAUSAGE MAKING, EASY SAUSAGE MAKING VIDEO, game processing and more. No one has more ways to do it than Lee's Meats and Sausages. Quality Deer Processing offers coupons including for Deer Skinning and Deer Jerky for our locations in Michigan and Ohio. Products & services such as meat processing near me, venison meat, deer butchering as well as deer meet are also part of the scope of our business. 30 Oct 2017 Hursh Meat Processing, 10083 E. Once a ma and pa shop, made into the first ever legally operated wild game processing servicing shop. We have won many awards for our cured and smoked hams, bacon, smoked pork chops, snack sticks, jerky, sausages, and bratwurst. Food Processing. Thus, the question, “How much does a deer processing cost?” usually gets an answer of “it depends on” and has become a continuous struggle for everyone. We use any and all parts to make our jerky. Whether it is deer processing, sausage and jerky making, smoking & grilling,  Deer Processing. ) We don’t recommend you freeze before processing, as freezing the carcass before rigor may toughen the meat. L&S Deer Processing Since 1986 103 S. Burks Farm has become a trusted source for deer processing in the New Kent, Virginia area. 00/lb – Formed Jerky. dry-smoked sausage, smoked link sausage, burgers, steaks, chops, roasts, and jerky. We will gladly process your deer, elk or moose - you will get your meat back! Mild, or Sweet; Venison Jerky (made from Rounds ONLY); Re-Constructed Jerky   and Grilling – Meat Processing Supplies for Home and Commercial Processors . is a family owned, family operated venison and elk processing plant located in central Pennsylvania. 00 deposit on sausage orders : visa, mastercard, and discover accepted: additional charges for after hour skinning: processing deer and javelina $ 80. It is a great addition to your breakfast table or any meal for that matter. Monday - Saturday 8:30am-4pm. Deer Processing Ashley, IL. 2019-2020 Deer Processing Charges. We make a wide variety of items including sweet bologna, ring bologna, snack sticks, hot dogs, dried venison and of course deer jerky! Warrington Farms gives you the option of getting your own meat back if you have a 25lb. Each deer is done individually so you know you're getting your own deer back. for any meat product like jerky, smoked sausage, bratwursts, pork sausage, . is a leader in processing wild game. com. All of our products are handmade from family recipes handed down over generations. At Glier's, we make sausage every day, and we have for over sixty years. Minimum of 10 lb. This will allow you to get a rough idea of what . " Is commercially made jerky safe? Yes, the process is monitored in federally inspected plants by inspectors of the U. 50 (green weight) Snack Sticks (Cheese) $5. This package includes skinning the deer, as well as cutting and wrapping the meat they get. Serving nearby cities (Eastern NC – Greenville, Winterville, Washington, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Wilmington, Rocky Mount – as well as other towns across the US) Venison Processing - Western Wisconsin's largest Wild Game Processor. Be Sure to Ask for Free Samples of Our Sausage, Jerky, and Chili. Check out our Storefront and receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100! Phone Number : 248. of deer meat to  Jerky is lean trimmed meat that has been cut into strips and dried (dehydrated) to prevent spoilage. Deer drop off available after hours. com Email: Kevin@smockknives. Deer & Big Game Processing, Vol. 00 per lb. Who knows. We have over 30 years of experience in custom deer processing for hunters and in growing and sustaining a wholesale business. Additional items and smoked items can be ordered, their prices are below. Well worth the drive. The cost of the workshop is $15 (or $25 per  10 Nov 2013 Bubba's Meats specializes in local meat market, beef jerky, summer through March, mainly to process deboned venison for deer hunters. We offer professional, complete deer processing. Since 1987 we have been producing quality meat products and Award Since 1987 we have been producing quality meat products and Award winning Jerky. Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe offers custom venison processing, giving sportsmen many options including sausages, jerky, wieners, and more! We custom smoke all  You can understand why, since processing jerky takes time, and a pound of meat You want to choose lean cuts of venison, beef, or other game, because you  Meat cutting, processing, packing supplies including equipment, cutlery, venison sausage and jerky seasonings, cures, casings, ground meat bags, vacuum  Sweet Sausage, Kielbasa, Italian Style Salami, Jerky and More. Complete Processing of Deer & Other Big Game We can skin and cut whole deer, cut deer that have already been skinned, We offer regular sliced jerky. All finished product based off of raw weight less shrink. We accept boneless trimmings all year round. We offer a wide variety of specialty smoked meats. Deer season serves as a marker for the fall climate and there is lots of activity and excitement in the air. After a successful hunt, it is important that we take care of the animal and process it in a timely manner. Now, we will need a little something from you. The deer processing method described here is basically one of boning. only thing did not have any T-Bones ready they were real busy,cutting up a large amount of pork. The worst Mountain America has awesome Venison jerky all year long so you never have to be without! Learn how your comment data is processed. Deer Processing Deer Processing Price List. $15. Click here for a printable version of our deer processing information. gov/cwd Shaffer Venison Farms Inc. Free Shipping on Eligible Items Schneider's Deer Processing offers. Deer Hot Dogs - Hoffman's famous hot dogs are the perfect way for hunters to enjoy their venison throughout the year. This kit comes complete with the seasoning and cure, and detailed instructions for processing. Instructions are offered for both ground meat and meat strip processing. We make the Best Deer Jerky and/or Hot Links. We also offer a huge selection of specialty meat items, summer sausage, deer jerky, pepperoni, venison bologna, just to name a few. At our family-owned/operated Pflugerville, TX facility, we specialize in a variety of smoked meats including dry-smoked sausage, smoked link sausage, burgers, steaks, chops, roasts, and jerky. Domestic livestock can be brought in during business hours. Boneless meat – we gladly accept your boneless meat to grind or make the above specialty meats. We know hunters take good care of their deer when they harvest them and want you to know that the quality continues with Killian’s, we keep all orders separate weather it be sausage or a standard cut and wrap! Detjens Northern Trails is your place for quality deer processing. Chopped & Formed Gourmet Jerky, $6. I have had several items from Edgewood Locker(beef and deer sticks, salami, and brats) all were outstanding. Prices based on finished weight. DEER PROCESSING - THOMAS SMOKED MEATS 305 Fernwood Drive, Johnstown, PA 15905 814-288-3252 The skilled skinners, cutters and wrappers take great pride in processing each deer to your specific order. 18 Dec 2018 Everyone has the same two tried and true beef and venison jerky recipes Though this is a long drying process, it will be more than worth it  19 Jan 2018 Deer jerky is delicious, and can be made easily out home in the are also four ingredients you need to facilitate the jerky's drying process and . $50 deposit (per animal) required at drop off. I recently made the drive up from Cedar Rapids. Variety of Cuts: Call (334) 298-1704 for More Info. Deer processing may be mixed with other deer orders, with the exceptions of jerky and dried deer orders. Processing includes your choice of basic cut and extras such as sausage (smoked and fresh), chili, jerky, and tamales. smoke rings (reg. All our products are produced at our state of the art processing facility. Meat Processing for the Deer You Bag. Also accepts Elk and Wild Boar meat for processing. For over 15 years Shaffer Venison Farms has been committed to high quality venison and elk products free of any stimulants such as growth hormones or other chemicals. Kip's Deer Processing. Custom Deer Processing Since 1988, Nadler's has been a premier processor within the state of Missouri, processing deer and other wild game for customers harvested not only in Missouri, but nationwide. All processed deer must be picked up and paid for in full within 10 days after receiving a call that it is ready. While I am far from an expert at the task, I do know the basics of getting my animal from the field to the freezer. You can also reuse the marinade for additional batches. Deer Bacon Clay's refined technique and recipe produces the newest innovation in deer processing, Deer Bacon. There are three differ types of jerky and all three are the best ever. A zesty venison jerky that you can make at home in your oven. A food dehydrator is preferred, but you can use an oven. 5 lbs of deer meat to make a 2 lb. Thick Cut Delicious Tasty Bold Flavor Venison (Deer) Jerky from Utah USA - Wood Smoked with Hickory Wood (Natural 1 Pack) and other Snack Foods at Amazon. Come on down and check us out. We process hundreds of deer annually and our customers know they'll get only the JERKY. 00 Specialty Deer (all sausage - NO steaks, tenders, etc) . Processing Deer (Under 100lbs), $60. Gutting and skinning, at a minimum, should start at $50, and by the time you factor in standard steaks and summer sausage, the We offer a variety of processing services. 50 per pound. When fall arrives, the rituals of planning and prep work for deer season kick in. 5 lbs of deer meat to make 1 lb. 889. All jerky is 5 lb minimum per flavor All product not picked up 14 days after confirmed finished becomes the property of M&M Deer Processing LLC and will be donated to a worthy cause. If you have a food dehydrator, you can dry the jerky in it by following the manufacturer's instructions. offers deer processing near me, local deer processors, wild game processing and venison processing. Skin & Process . We have 12 books and videos on field dressing, skinning, processing, tanning, and cooking deer on our Book Store Pages Deer 1 and Deer 2! We are the oldest Deer Processing Plant in Cape Girardeau County. of deer) $ . From fresh cuts to pepperoni to jerky, we can do it all for you out of your wild  Invention of this meat processing technology is attributed to Native Americans salt to strips of muscle tissue from game animals such as deer, buffalo, and elk,  Weiss' Wild Game HQ carries a variety of Wild Game Snack Sticks and Jerky. LEM Products offers high-quality meat processing equipment, jerky and sausage making supplies, and food preparation tools. If you’re going to make jerky, you want to thinly slice the larger chunks of meat into strips. Jerky, bratwurst, tenderloins, burger, ring bologna, summer sausage. We also offer the options of smoked products such as summer sausage, bologna, jerky, snack sticks, and kielbasa. Vacuum Sealed. Processing Note. Please see our printable order form that you can . Page Summary: Brandon Meats & Sausage offers venison, deer processing, meat processing and deer processing near me. Deer & Antelope Processing. Many deer hunters cringe at the thought of having to butcher and prepare a deer for the freezer. 00 or $1. *We do not currently provide whole or partial deer processing. Process Quarters. Process and pack your deer within 24 hours of completing the aging process. You won't find that over-processed stuff here, just real meat. Deer Snack Sticks w/Sweet Maple. 00 of free processing at Threeway Deer Processing if you complete the HOT JERKY challenge, Darin Emison has raised the bounty!!! He will add $75. DEER PICK-UP TIMES: SATURDAY 9am-2pm AND *** THURSDAY 7PM-9PM *** Thursday hours are after Thanksgiving until end of Jerky (whole muscle) $6. Our venison processing includes award winning summer sausage, jerky, snack sticks, bacon, brats, and dried beef. Thank you for your loyalty and referrals. Filet Steaks Jerky Hot Stick Dog food Website: www. CWD In Michigan - Please See All Information At mi. For our customers, coming to Glier's is a tradition all its own. Weaver Meat Processing. Here is what some of our customers have to say about Bud's Custom Meats. Smoked Ham, Jerky, Pepper Sticks, summer sausage, brats and more!! Experienced Processors In 1975, Dan Courser Sr. All of our meats are processed with original recipes, nothing is pre-packaged. We process legally harvested deer all year long, not just during hunting season. Douglasville Retail Meat & Smokehouse and Findley’s Butcher Shop, are a full service meat market with Deer Processing available to our hunters. Along with our custom processing and deer processing, our retail store has a full meat case of USDA inspected beef, pork and chicken. Our plant was built exclusively to process your wild game. I also always soak out deer meat for at least 5 days. Normally, this drying includes the addition of salt to prevent bacteria growth before the meat has finished the dehydrating process. Located minutes off Interstate 79 just south of Pittsburgh, PA. It will take 1. 50 (per pound) Hot Italian Sausage Links $2. 31 Mar 2016 When processing jerky, the goal is to remove moisture from the meat so This means if you plan to prepare deer, elk, or other wild meat in a  9 Apr 2019 Submerging the meat in water will speed up the thawing process This corkscrew deer jerky has some great ingredients such as wine, vinegar  If you're looking to preserve several pounds of venison, make jerky with it. | Process your venison (deer meat), bear, and wild boar into fresh cuts including burger, sausage, cube steak, etc in Ayden NC. We make a full line of Summer sausages, Jerky , Sticks, and Bratwurst. We process beef, pork, lambs, goats, deer and other exotic animals. We take our tried-and-true family recipes and make some of the best venison sausage you have ever tasted. Our traditional  11 Sep 2018 Demonstrations include sausage making, canning venison, jerky making, and cutting up a deer. How Much does Deer Processing Cost? Many butchers around the state would charge about $70 for the base package. Family Owned and Operated Deer Processing Over 30 years as a butcher and meat processor Open Bow, Muzzleloader and Gun Season (September - February) Phone: 937-207-7008 Email: JohnsJerky2011@yahoo. Sausage and Jerky are packaged as shown on our processing price list. Home / Appliances / Meat Processing / Jerky & Pressing Free shipping on orders over $59!* Clay's Special Jerky Clay's special recipe helps make the meat of your choice into jerky. Create mouth-watering steaks, chops, roast, burgers, sausage, jerky & brats from your wild game. At the home of German Sausages near Tea, South Dakota, one of our many specialties is wild game processing. Run time 3 hours. instagram. After you have scored your prize buck in the woods this year, you are gonna want to turn some of that venison into my fast and easy Sweet and Spicy Venison Jerky Recipe. 50 per quarter (includes backstrap) Elk and other larger exotics . If you’re a deer hunter, you probably already know how to field dress deer. Bird hunters also bring their kill in for us to smoke in our old-fashioned smoke houses. of meat. to 75 lbs. Example: Summer Sausage - 10 lbs ordered - shrink of 15% - Loss of 1. 00/lb; Tenderized Cube Steaks – $5 flat rate to tenderize/cube all of your steaks. Deer Creek Processing is a deer meat processing facility located near Milwaukee in Waukesha Wisconsin. Contact Lodi Sausage Co. Processing deer correctly is important, and whether you're deer hunting for a trophy buck or for meat for survival, you should never waste venison or any other meat. Cutting and Wrapping Game Services: Utah Game Processing services provided by Wild West Jerky includes Cut And Wrap Services. before trimming We offer the cleanest game processing possible. We also specialize in venison cuts, deer meat cuts in Slinger, Hartford, Watertown as well as Juneau. 00/lb (Raw weight; 65% cooking loss) Add America or Pepper Jack cheese for $1. Like Us On Facebook Beef jerky is a type of snack food that is made by marinating beef in a curing solution and drying it. High Quality Processing  is a wild game meat market online store and retail deer processing center that We proudly ship our jerky and snack sticks across our great country and also  8 Apr 2018 We specialize in premium jerky, exotic jerky, dried meats and trail mix. Products and services such as meat processing plant, venison processing near me, deer meat processing as well as butcher shop near my location are also part of the scope of our business. 7 reviews of Killian's Meat Market, Deer Processing and Taxidermy "We were on our way back to Houston, and my husband and I stopped to check out to see if they had BBQ. Butcher & Packer How Much Meat Will Your Deer Yield? - Author: Dan Schmidt, Reprinted with permission from: Deer & Deer Hunting, September 2000 Does and bucks from similar age classes yield similar amounts of venison. The great thing about processing your own deer is Restructured All-Deer Jerky (20# minimum starting weight) $3. 00 Jerky (Wet Weight), $4. Kept seperate batches available. $8 Smoking the deer jerky for 3 hours before putting it on the dehydrator will add a smoky flavor that can't be achieved with a liquid smoke seasoning. Since our opening in 1950, we have offered specialized custom processing of our customers' animals. Beef jerky is Wisconsin River Meats offers venison roast, smoked venison, venison butchering, ground venison, venison steaks, venison processing and more for Baraboo, Sparta, Tomah, Reedsburg, Madison, Prairie Du Sac, Sauk City, Lake Delton, Wisconsin Dells and surrounding Juneau County Wisconsin communities. Whatever your reason may be as to the curiosities of jerky making, long behold ten of our favorite beef and venison jerky recipes around. One of the first recipes I made this year was Jimmy’s Teriyaki Deer Jerky recipe. Contact Us Today! Special - 50% off your order for your first deer We are now offering deer processing at our USDA and state inspected facility. Deer Processing Note: We pride ourselves in fulfilling your order, including ground meat, using only your own deer. Maybe we just aren’t processing it right. 00 or take care when you bone the deer to save some bigger pieces from the hind. Hunters Sharing the Harvest – No Charge– We participate in the Hunters Sharing the Harvest program which allows you to donate the deer. You always get your own deer cuts back. Not just your average wild game service! Here at Quality Deer, we have high-quality standards. We package all steaks and chops with plastic between them for freshness and in a high-quality, durable freezer paper. Our Summer Sausage and Venison Jerky  For Deer Processing call our neighbors and deer processing partners for the last 35 years at Thomas processing 810-658-5369 Price is 75. Carl's Premium Deer Processing is located in Loxley, Alabama. So after processing our deer, I kept a couple of roasts to make jerky out of. For many years, deer hunters have come to rely on Papineau Locker for all their deer processing needs. You can now purchase our famous beef jerky online. the jerky is vac-sealed in 1/2lb resealable packages. We process legally harvested deer all year long. We offer private labeling for customers and we are State Inspected. 21  Prices of Deer Processing and Wild Game Processing. minimum) processing mule deer and elk $ 1. Pheasants, Turkeys, Geese and Ducks are the most common birds smoked. S. We are a custom processor and can do most any cut of meat requested. The Hillbilly Jerky Kit contains 2 separate packages of Seasoning and 2 packages of Cure each does 5 lbs. The basic cut processing rate is $85. 00 each. Honoring Deer Barman Brats $2. Thanks for stopping by! Deer Processing Information Q. Compliance Guideline for Meat and Poultry Jerky Produced by Small and Very Small Plants 2 Quick Guide on Processing Jerky The Compliance Guideline for Meat and Poultry Jerky lists seven (7) processing steps in the production of meat and poultry jerky where some level of microbial intervention can be applied to maximize lethality. 50 lb. Field dress your deer, bring it to us, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you do not especially like your venison now, try this boning method and you might be pleasantly surprised to find how boning enhances the eating qualities of venison, especially the round in the hind quarters. 25 per pound Slice jerky meat: $. Junior's has over 25 years of experience deer processing. Along with $100. Cokers Deer Processing - 2043 Yellow Branch Rd, Decherd, Tennessee 37324 - Rated 5 based on 6 Reviews "They make the BEST deer jerky I've ever had!!!! Potteiger Meats is a deer meat processing facility located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We also offer event catering, custom hog, beef, and deer processing. Ohrt's Smokehouse deer processing . We have many flavors of jerky, snack sticks and summer sausage made with Beef, Pork, Chicken, Elk and Buffalo meat. Cooked products are then processed and orders are filled according to the order in which they are brought in. The meet is not cooked, per se, rather dried out. Nothing  From the very beginning our father kept each individual deer processing order We still use the same smoker that our Dad used in 1981 to smoke our jerky and  At Cactus Deer Processing, we have perfected what we feel is the best link and breakfast venison sausage available. We vacuum pack all of our venison sausages and steaks in small convenient packages. com/s Be prepared to be "WOWED" by the best tasting sausage and jerky you've ever had. Burks Farm is a custom inspected meat processing shop, therefore we do not sell retail meat. Our butcher shop is fully equipped to process your venison (deer meat), bear, and wild boar into fresh cuts including burger, sausage, cube steak, etc. Our services are available year round for just about any exotic roaming the planet! John’s Elgin Market is a wild game meat market online store and retail deer processing center that has been providing quality meats since 1880. We will carefully prepare your elk, deer, antelope, bear, sheep, bison, and  17 Nov 2018 Rives Quality Meats processes venison during deer season into jerky, salami, or snack sticks. Other areas we serve include Horicon, Cambellsport, Fox Lake and Waupun. Catering. Pork Added $2/lb, Beef added $3/lb. We started very small and built a business around honesty, quality customer service, quality products, and having a clean store. Kielbasi. Deer Processing in on YP. 2 Roasts Included - If you want more, please specify the amount on your ticket. We focus on making deer and game processing easy. Our facility is located at 514 Odena Road N Sylacauga AL 35150. Along with our custom processing and deer processing, our retail store has a full We have many flavors of jerky, snack sticks and summer sausage made with  Venison Processing - Skin / Cut / Wrap (basic cut) $100 Bear - Cut / Wrap JERKY WHOLE HIND QT REGULAR $40. Deer / Venison Processing. Alewel’s has been making Venison products for our customers for over 50 years and are known for making the best Venison Sausage around. Located on the north side of Weatherford, TX, Teel's Custom Meats can fulfill your domestic livestock or wild game processing needs. Bud's Custom Meats, Inc. Deer jerky can be made with several methods. Jerky: Call ( 334) Deer Field Dress. 00 TERIYAKI $40. Dried Venison. Deer Processing Pricing: Gutting: $40. You can choose to make jerky out of any cut of the deer that you choose. 25/lb. Please allow 1-4 months for your deer order to be filled. Minute Steak Tenderizing Stew Meat Stir Fry meat. That’s why I choose the best meat grinder for deer meat only. All processed deer must be picked up within 14 days of drop-off date to avoid storage fees. our wild meat jerky such as buffalo, elk and venison jerky and sticks. Jerky is a great, nutritious snack (especially made with venison, which is lower in Venison is more popular than any other meat when it comes to making jerky. We try to process the deer in the order they are brought in. Hickory smoked and with coarse, cracked black pepper, this has medium heat and a tangy spice our customers love. Specialty Meat Shops,Sandwich Shops,and Venison Processing Center. Those in the Carbondale IL area know us when it comes to deer processing for their latest kills. 1644 McQueeney Rd. Deer Drop Off Hours For Bow Season. We do custom deer processing & make lots of smoked specialty venison products. or less – $125. We also accept boneless deer meat for sausage making. For timely, customized processing of deer and other wild game, rely on Wilkes Deer Barn, located behind Wilkes Meat Market & Deli. We also offer a Skinning Service. SAVE $6. 50 lbs. Many hunters have brought their prized Bear, Elk, Caribou or Moose in for processing. We are still still processing late deer harvest. Deer Ham A Naturally Smoked Ham from your own deer! We process hundreds of deer annually and our customers know they'll get only the best quality and service from Lee's Meats and Sausages. NOTE. Yes, we are also experiencing the same dilemma as you guys. Our recipes are MSG, Gluten and Nitrate free. Products and services such as meat processing near me, venison meat, deer butchering as well as deer meet are also part of the scope of our business. Meatgistics is your guide in everything related to meat processing, smoking, grilling and more! Deer & Big Game Processing, Vol. If you want whole jerky or dried venison you may bring a hind quarter in for boning at a charge of $20. Deer Processing Supplies. Deer may be brought in for processing during normal business hours. Your entire order of items will be vacuum packaged. Furthermore, sausage varieties include summer sausage and snack sticks in various flavors like cheddar, jalapeno cheese, and more. packs of Venison Jerky, made from Red Deer, Fallow Deer or Whitetail Deer in Original, Pepper or Sweet & Spicy Flavors. We frequently add new sausage recipes to this page, so please check back again often. Fresh Sausage Seasonings. No Special Cuts Our butcher shop can also prepare cooked and cured meats, jerky, sausage and more. We can help you make the most of your deer harvest by taking your clean boneless meat and transforming into some of your favorite products like jerky, wieners, Keilbossi and whole smoked legs. Welcome to the internet home of Nicholson’s Meat Company! When you browse our website, brush up on our history and what we do, shop our products, and learn about our processing services that we offer to our customers. Teriyaki Chopped  Welcome To Uncle Henry's Gourmet Meats! Family owned & operated. Bring in your Dressed Pheasants, Goose Breasts, Ducks, Turkeys and Fish and let Dietrich’s smoke them for you! In addition to deer (venison), we also process elk, bear, wild boar, and geese. ATTENTION DEER HUNTERS!!! Home / Deer Processing and Price Information from 4 Quarter Processing Missouri As a state inspected meat processor, 4 Quarter Processing is committed to food quality and safety. Check it out, then come and check us out - We'd like the opportunity to 2018-2019 deer processing charges: $100. Teriyaki Chopped  Meat cutting, processing, packing supplies including equipment, cutlery, venison sausage and jerky seasonings, cures, casings, ground meat bags, vacuum  You can understand why, since processing jerky takes time, and a pound of meat You want to choose lean cuts of venison, beef, or other game, because you  Sweet Sausage, Kielbasa, Italian Style Salami, Jerky and More. Hunters and non-hunters alike make road trips to deer leases across Texas to hunt and spend some time in the wild. !Open 7 Days A Week! Hours:8am-8pm Deer Processing Price List. E. 00 flat fee – Boneless 51 lbs. We are also a Minnesota Deer Donation Drop-off Site. We have the crew to process Deer, Elk, Bear, Moose, and Cougar (yes cougar!). Dehydration is a significant step in the processing of deer jerky as like the making beef jerky with a dehydrator. Whether it is deer processing, sausage and jerky making, smoking & grilling, etc. TEXAS BEST SMOKEHOUSE – At Junior’s Smokehouse we take great pride in making some of the best smoked products in Texas. All of our summer sausage and deer sticks are vacuum sealed and you ALWAYS get your own deer back on fresh meats. Skinning; Skinning for Caping; Rack Removal; Salami; Snack Sticks; Jerky; Game Sausage Deer. Oak Road, Poplar. We're proud to introduce our custom seasoned, hand crafted beef jerky products. The Home Processor is your one stop shop for meat processing supplies, deer processing, meat grinders, seasonings, cutlery and even farm supplies & more. Treating your venison with care will yield a high quality product. 800. 00 JALAPEÑO $40. deer jerky processing

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